The birth doula

represents the modern day link in the tradition of women helping women in birth. She enhances the birth experience through information, empathy, and physical assistance. A doula is an invaluable part of the birth team in any setting: hospital, home, or birth center.

A doula assists pholliday

the family and birth partner by making practical suggestions, so they can better help the birthing mother. The partner, often a husband, benefits greatly when a loving doula is there to offer assistance, guidance and counsel toward his effectiveness.

What does a doula do?

A doula, in collaboration with you and all your support people, provides a loving, comforting environment so you can birth your baby in the best way possible. You will have her nurturing presence throughout your labor and birth process.

A doula offers

physical comfort measures, reassuring information, loving guidance, collaboration with the birth team, modeling of comfort measures for your partner, emotional support, advocacy for your interests in the birth setting, and loving kindness throughout.

A doula provides

care at home during early labor, helping the couple decide when to leave for the birthplace, providing comfort measures such as positions for active labor and pushing, massage, relaxation techniques, and visualizations.

The value

of hiring a doula cannot be measured. No one ever forgets the births of their children. The doula can help ensure that those lasting memories are happy, healthy ones.

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