We all have a story

and it plays into who we are and what we become. I have been a birth doula since 2001. When I began, I had my own music studio, teaching early childhood music and movement classes for young families. My first clients were the parents who attended my music classes with their children. During their births, all had very different experiences, and all benefited greatly from my presence as their doula.

Since then, I have assisted nearly one hundred families through this dynamic process.

I’ve worked in harmony with Doctors and Nurses in Hospitals such as Brigham and Women’s, Mass General, Swedish, and Evergreen, as well as smaller hospitals, birthing centers, and homes.

Different families have different priorities for their births. Regardless of the style of birth they would like to create, my emphasis is to meet their varying needs. In my experience, I have found that when a birthing family is supported, the process is a beautiful one regardless of circumstances.

My first birth, it was just me and my husband.

I ended up feeling exhausted and alone during my labor, and I found the transition from one nurse to another to be challenging. For my next birth, I got a doula. My doula-supported birth strengthened me in a way I did not think was possible. My husband was able to relax and enjoy being a part of the experience. All of this made me feel so empowered that I knew that I wanted to help women at birth.

I love assisting families through the transition of birth.

  • I am a certified doula through Doulas of North America (DONA) and am a member of Pacific Association of Labor Doulas.
  • I have experience in large and small hospitals and with a diverse client demographic.
  • I am an active member in the local doula community, and I collaborate with them for support.
  • I have studied Ayurveda since 2005, and have been living an ayurvedic lifestyle for over ten years now. Gleaning from the wisdom of Ayurveda, I have developed a style of support that brings greater harmony to the whole family.
  • As an experienced pre- and post-natal masseuse, I offer several different massage packages, including prenatal, birth, and postpartum care.
  • I teach yoga and meditation, and am a practitioner of Vedic vastu design.
  • Having studied holistic and traditional models of health, I offer a non-dogmatic, open, informed perspective into birth choices.
  • My exclusive practice accepts only a limited number of clients per month.