Birth is a dynamic event

Birth affects every aspect of who we are. Birth is a transition, a passage and journey. Birth is one of the most significant things we will experience and our experience of birth leaves a lasting impression on us.

Birth is an opportunitybirthis

At birth we have the opportunity to learn, grow and heal ourselves in the process. It rarely happens without proactive intentional planning though. We have the ability to help insure our own experience by hiring a doula. With the proper guidance of an experienced doula we can learn tremendous life lessons, enrich our emotional world and gain access to our own strength.

Birth shapes us

Our experience of life is shaped by our birth. Research is confirming this is true for both baby and mother. When we give birth in a nurturing environment, gaining the assistance of others while relying on our own strength we will enter parenthood with the tools for success.

Protecting the process of birth

During the process of birth we are malleable, sensitive, intuitive, flexible and vulnerable. Nature insures our malleability in order to fully integrate the baby as a new member of our family. With our vulnerability at birth we become more susceptible and capable of experiencing both healing and trauma. A doula knows this and is there to protect your experience.

Birth is an opportunity to strengthen your family

Couples who had doula support are happier with their relationship postpartum than those who did not have doula support. From my own experience I know this to be true. What if you knew you could strengthen and empower your family just by hiring a doula?

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